Rational iVario Cooker Family Smart Features

Rational iVario Cooker Family Smart Features

Rational iVario Cooker Family Smart Features

The Rational iVario Pro is a new generation cooking unit that replaces almost all traditional cooking appliances. It looks just like a tilting pan, but it can do so much more. Basically, we can list the functions of the iVario cooking system as follows:

• Boiling,

• Deep frying in oil,

• Pan frying,

• Pressure cooking.

The unique heating technology used in the unit combines power with precision. Thanks to the power applied in a controlled manner, it can perform all functions perfectly. With the advantage of being kneaded with SCC features from the past, it has smart cooking aids that think with you, learn from you and support you.

It is 4 times faster than traditional cooking appliances, requires up to 40% less energy and saves a lot of space. In short, it does it all. It offers exceptional food quality without the hassle of control and supervision.


iVarioBoost, which uses a combination of ceramic heating elements and a fast-acting, anti-scratch bottom boiler, is designed for high efficiency, exceptionally high speed and even heat distribution. It eliminates problems such as uneven distribution of heat, long reaction times or food sticking to the bottom of the pan, experienced in traditional thick-bottomed or thin-bottomed cauldrons.

The iVarioBoost integrated energy management features high power generation technology while consuming significantly less energy compared to conventional cooking appliances. This ensures that you can roast quickly and when cold ingredients are added, there is no significant drop in temperature as seen in conventional technology.

Nothing burns with iVarioBoost. There is no risk of overcooking. It has juicy meats, a delicious grill flavor and exceptionally even cooking.


The smart cooking system in the iVario Pro unit, which provides smart settings with a single button, is called iCookingSuite. It is the name of the technology that takes all of them to the desired cooking result, learns from you, and adapts itself to your cooking habits while adjusting the cooking process separately according to the dishes. iCooking Suite only calls you when you need to intervene, such as turning a steak. Nothing sticks to the bottom or overcooks. Low temperature baking and baking delicate desserts are some of her talents. Its important advantage in cooking pasta is this: Thanks to AutoLift, pasta is automatically removed from the water. If you want to add your own special style to the dishes, you can intervene in the cooking process.

While it offers high food quality without the need for waiting, it offers easy use without the need for almost any training. This is a very important support that allows you to avoid mistakes and save time.


Even in large kitchens, small portions need to be prepared quickly and efficiently. Flexibility is also essential in the production of bulk meals in conditions such as extra requests or staff meals. That's what iZoneControl is for. With the help of this system, you can divide the iVario unit into up to four areas and shape the sizes, locations and shapes of these areas as you wish. Now you can prepare the same meal or separate meals in a single boiler. Whether at the same time or in sequence, at the same temperature or at different temperatures. So you only heat the parts of the boiler area that you really need. In this way, energy savings are achieved and a lot of other kitchen equipment becomes unnecessary.

With iZoneControl, you only heat up the part of the boiler floor you really need for greater efficiency and flexibility of use. This unique feature applies even to a small number of servings.

Thanks to the Rational iVario Pro smart features mentioned above, you will not compromise on food quality while saving time, labor and resource usage. It is even possible to say that they are extremely assertive in terms of taste and consistency.

Rational iVario Products

Finally, let's talk briefly about the Rational iVario Pro models. Please click the link below to view these products one by one.

Rational iVario Pro models


Model Name


Number of Meals


Rational iVario 2-XS

2*17 lt


14 KW

Rational iVario 2-S

2* 25 lt


21 KW

Rational iVario Pro L

100 lt

100 - 300

27 KW

Rational iVario Pro XL

150 lt

100 - 500

41 KW


All models, except 2-XS, have pressurized options. Pressure cooking products are the models in which the time saving mentioned in the article is provided much more efficiently. When searching for a product on our website, pay attention to the word "pressured" in the name.

For Rational iVario prices, where technology is used at the highest point in industrial kitchens, please go to the relevant product on our website and fill in the price offer form. Meet the most advantageous prices.