Industrial Refrigerators in Commercial Kitchens

Industrial Refrigerators in Commercial Kitchens

Industrial Refrigerators in Commercial Kitchens

In the industrial kitchens we can count the refrigerators at the beginning of the equipments required to offer the freshest food to the customer. This equipment is used in storage, keeping and presentation stages.

As is known, industrial kitchens are made of stainless steel materials. This ensures a longer life and a hygienic kitchen. Hygienic environment is one of the most important issues in the kitchens because food is prepared to the masses.

Cold Rooms

Foodstuffs purchased according to the menu must be kept in a cold environment. Some businesses have to stock up an amount because they produce too much food. The most suitable environment for this is the cold rooms. These rooms have no difference from a refrigerator.

Industrial Refrigerators

Refrigerators in the commercial kitchens can be specified as industrial refrigerators. They are used in the most upright refrigerator or counter type refrigerator. They enable the staff to reach the food which should be kept cold.

Bench type refrigerators are used as a bench. In the meantime, according to the process made immediately from the cold drawers can be taken from the desired materials. These materials are transported from cold room to here.

Pizza and salad preparation cabinets are also among the industrial kitchen utensils that make the staff very comfortable. All the ingredients needed for a salad can be kept in this cold wardrobe. Thus, the staff does not always have to go to the refrigerators.

Cold Display Products

Stored and kept materials should be presented to the customer after preparation. For this, cold display units are needed. These specially produced units are usually one of the important design elements of a restaurant. Because of cold foods in this area will stop for a long time, it is important to not spoil the smell and taste. This is achieved by keeping the cold display cabinet at a stable level. An environment in which bacteria cannot grow at 4oC should be provided and should be continuous.

Another display unit is generally open-air equipment where the cold drinks or snacks are called dairy cainets. The dairy cabinets are special production of S2000 Kitchen Company. There is a hidden curtain and this curtain can be closed for the purpose of saving energy at night and when the products are desired to cool more quickly.

Products such as bottle cooler fridge, sushi case and wine coolers remain stable at certain cold temperatures. Salat bar is another important display unit. Among the most sought-after foods, the product must be presented in the freshest way for the salad. This is also possible with a well-produced refrigerated salat bar.

S2000 Kitchen and Refrigeration, with more than 35 years of industry experience, using the highest quality raw materials, finished and semi-finished products and producing products compatible with modern designs has taken its place among the best in the sector. Turkey’s one of the best industrial refrigerator manufacturer, S2000 Kitchen, equiped thousands of restaurants, hotels, cafes and bistros with special production cold display units.