What is Industrial Kitchen Consultancy Service?

What is Industrial Kitchen Consultancy Service?

What is Industrial Kitchen Consultancy Service?

Industrial kitchen consultancy service is a consultancy service provided to individuals or institutions considering to establish a new place in the food and beverage sector and to institutions that want to modernize their existing businesses or increase the number of branches.

This service is provided for businesses such as restaurant, steakhouse, hotel, cafe, bar, brasserie, private corporate cafeterias, catering companies, school cafeterias, university cafeterias.

Industrial kitchen consultancy service is provided in a much more comprehensive way for people or organizations planning to establish a new place in the food and beverage sector.

  • Discovery
    • Customer demands and expectations, the location of the business, evaluation of compatibility with the region and recognition of the target audience
  • Concept Development
    • Ensuring that the company has a style with the harmony of the image and services it will reflect on the outside
  • Setting the Menu
    • Creating menus and contents according to the concept and determining the details such as service type
  • Projecting
    • Preparation of technical and architectural projects, determination of products
  • Installation
    • Making the products suitable for use after procurement or production

After these items, which we listed and briefly mentioned, the business which is ready will start to work. Of course, the maintenance of the business is also an issue that needs to be addressed.

Consultancy Service Provided To Current Businesses

After examining the structure, menus and locations of the existing business, the changes to be made will be decided. Firstly, since the concept may need to be changed, the new concept must be determine. Steps such as updating the kitchens that are not suitable for today's conditions, adding trendy foods to the menu and determining the service strategy in accordance with modern service concept will be taken.

Information and reports will be provided for the enterprises that want to branch or increase the number of branches. Establishing a connection between existing branches and new ones. The corporate culture is presented in the same way in every branch to increase customer satisfaction.

Industrial Kitchen Project Consultancy Service

S2000 Kitchen, serves Turkey's leading restaurants, hotels, cafe and steakhouses, as a company providing advisory services for industrial kitchens for more than 30 years. He worked as a concept consultant for some of these institutions and pioneered in reaching the points he reached today.

He has added a modern cafe and bistro atmosphere by adding sections to a patisserie in accordance with its location and target audience, and contributed to making the region a sought-after place.

Since it opened its first branch in Etiler, Nusret Steakhouse restaurant became a world famous brand with specially produced grills, dry aged cabinets and meat display cabinets.

With special design of cold display cabinets for one customer, he has given a style to the cafe and has ensured that all its branches are equipped with this concept.

While you are getting industrial kitchen consultancy service, you can choose S2000 Kitchen and Refrigeration Company which produces functional kitchens that have signed effective projects.