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Special Kitchen Projects

Special Kitchen Projects

S2000 manufactures industrial kitchens and also designs/installs special kitchen projects.

Special Kitchen Projects

You are thinking of opening a restaurant or a cafe-bar, Or in your mind your thinking about making your own steakhouse or pastry shop. The S2000 is a testament to your life. All custom kitchen projects are produced in the confidence of our brand. If you are going to make an industrial kitchen project or organize an existing one, you should contact us.


The kitchens are different types. As a result, the products to be produced differ in terms of layout and equipment. Even the kitchen layout will be even different. The S2000 supports you with 33 years of experience producing customized solutions.


It is very important to have a good understanding of the products you will produce during the projecting phase and to avoid any future problems.


About Special Kitchen Project

The following sequence should be followed when designing an industrial kitchen.


  1. DISCOVERY: Our expert team sees the place where the project will be taking place examines it, and takes measurements. The electrical system inside the room, details such as water connection points are examined, details such as columns and windows are specified.
  2. BRIEFING: Our team receives information about the project from the owner / owner.
  3. PROJECT DESIGN BY PERSON NUMBER AND MENU: According to the information received from the place owner, the project design is made to meet the need.

After all the stages are over, they complete kitchen equipment and start producing. If you are interested in special kitchen projects, you can call us, get information, or make an appointment.