Small Dimensions Excellent Performance: Rational XS

Small Dimensions Excellent Performance: Rational XS

Small Dimensions Excellent Performance: Rational XS

Ovens are one of the most important devices of professional kitchens. With the development of technology, this concept has been renewed as "smart ovens". German Rational ovens with superior technology stand out as the pioneer of this development.

The "SelfCooking Center" technology package in Rational Oven models offers a much higher performance than expected. Rational advances its ovens with 5 senses, so it is a smart baking oven that always dominates the cooking food.

These superior technologies used in large volume ovens also apply to the XS model, which is produced to make every interior fit, compact and very useful. So you can use the effect of a gigantic oven with 20 trays when you need less cooking. For some businesses, a product has emerged that can be handled easily during off-peak hours.

With 6 GN 2/3 or 1/2 tray capacities, Rational XS has longitudinal shelves for GN 1/3 and GN 2/8. The number of daily food production ranges from 20 to 80, and all these features fit into dimensions such as 65 * 55 * 57cm. Only an electrically operated model is available and requires a triple line.

The SCC (selfcooking center) features provide great comfort to the user. Because there is no need to constantly try to adjust the nemesis, the airflow and the ideal temperature. It is enough to indicate how the results are required in meals.

In this small oven you can grill, bake, roast, bake, boil, bake, steam or boil. Whatever it is, meat, chicken, fish, vegetables…

Rational Ovens have the most modern heat-reflective coated three-layer glass, reducing heat loss to zero. Here you save 10% energy.

The steam generator is indispensable if you want to obtain the highest quality of food in the steam cooking process. 100% hygienic fresh steam provides the highest level of steam saturation even at low temperature ranges, such as scalding.

Here, we invite you to take a price quote from our Rational XS page and then see it live by learning the high-level features we have not mentioned all about.