Self-Service Kitchen Installation and Self-Service Units

Self-Service Kitchen Installation and Self-Service Units

Self-Service Kitchen Installation and Self-Service Units

Self Service is a type of prepaid restaurant where people choose what they want from side by side food and beverages they choose and put on their trays and pay at the end. Also self-service kitchens are generally preferred in institutional dining halls and factory dining halls.

Self-service units used in such restaurants or dining halls may vary depending on the type of food to be served. Usually firstly, there is an area where the soup serve in bain mariés or soup pots. The main courses are arranged right after. These areas are equipped with hot display units.

Then comes the section with olive oil, grains, salad, desserts and drinks and equipped with refrigerated display units. The food in this section should be fresh and chilled to prevent their deterioration.

Restaurants should always pay attention to the cold display section of the exhibitors beacuse foods are displayed all day long. Cooling areas without stable degrees can cause food damage.

Some institutional dining halls offer cold display units with neutral display units, while many factories and private institutions prefer cold display units for even better quality food even between 1 hour meal time.

While cold drinks and hot meals are served to a customer by an employee, food and beverages in the cold display area are usually arranged in such a way that the customer himself can receive it. This requires open space on the side of the tray scrolling stand. So cooling these areas is a bit more difficult.

In some private institution dining halls, soup section, main course, salad bar and dessert section are separately. So, for example, if the staff who will not take soup, he will enter the queu of section what he/she wants. This prevents a large number of staff from eating at the same time from forming long queues.

Tray, cutlery, bread and ambient self-service unit completes the self-service line.

Self-service kitchens are set up so that cold and hot dishes do not reflect the difference in temperature between them. It is a preferred type of restaurant because people can choose from multiple options and thus eat the type of food they want.