Industrial Kitchen Work Tables and Preparation Units

Industrial Kitchen Work Tables and Preparation Units

Industrial Kitchen Work Tables and Preparation Units

We will examine the industrial kitchen work tables and other preparation units in the preparation units of the industrial kitchens. We have already mentioned the previous sections of the industrial kitchens. If you wish, you can reach the “Industrial Kitchen Project and Creation Stages” link.

As mentioned in our article, The storage department is an important industrial kitchen area. The materials in dry and cold storage areas are placed in shelves and cold cabinets. One of the products specified as Preparation Units is shelves. There are models with table or wire shelves. Usually 4-storey stacking racks can be produced as desired according to the need.

Let's take a look at other products while entering the preparation units. In the kitchen, it is called preparation units for the equipment other than the main items, which enable us to reach the materials more easily.

Wall shelves are an equipment that creates useful areas for placing certain materials and equipment. In addition, hand washing sink, meat stumps, meat hanger equipment in this category can be counted.

Wall cabinets are also storage equipment placed at high. Stainless wall cabinets can be either with or without doors, with flush door or with sliding door. It can also be used with intermediate shelves.

Now let's come to industrial kitchen workbenches. There are many varieties of these products that are frequently found in the preparation departments. Everyone buys machines that are suitable for every business need. Of course, in an industrial kitchen there are different types of countertops.

We can divide the machines into two groups, primarily 60 and 70 series. The models with a depth of 60 cm are called the series with 60 series and 70 series with a depth of 70 cm.

Another form of classification can be made by covering the upper part of the machine. In addition to flat stainless steel worktops there are models with polyethylene tables and marble tables.

Structurally, there are also counter tops other than plain benches. Depending on the situation, single sinks or double sinks can be preferred. This type of worktable is preferred when materials need to be washed. Work tables with sink unit are only 70 series products.

Now let's take a look at the features that are common to all those kitchen work tables. There may be a height of 4 cm in the back area of ​​the work table. Sometimes the back of the machine is not at all, it can also be backed.

One of the most preferred features is the lower shelf and the other is the middle shelf. The intermediate shelf is also preferred if the short material or equipment is to be stored under the instrument. In case of high materials, no intermediate shelf is used.

Kitchen work tables can be with or without doors. Clamshell models are used as sliding or flush doors. A convenient drawer is placed on a suitable edge when the drawer models are requested.

The height of the industrial kitchen work table models is 85 cm and the width is determined by the kitchen area. Widths for standard models are 90cm, 140cm, 190cm and 240cm.

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