How to Choose the Ideal Pizza Oven?

How to Choose the Ideal Pizza Oven?

How to Choose the Ideal Pizza Oven?

Customers' preferences are an important influence in determining the kitchen equipment used by business owners. If there are many different factors in the food sector, the real thing can not be overlooked. Open-air cooked foods are the reason for preference.

As a result, open fire ovens have become popular recently in pizza ovens. Now we will try to tell you the best way to choose the best pizza oven in 6 steps. The values ​​we will discuss below are the Italian Mam Forni brand options that the S2000 sells.

Step 1: Type

Pick a pizza oven. 1- Static Oven 2- Rotating Oven

Mam Forni Pizza Fırınları kaplamaları

Step 2: Finish

Since such pizza baking ovens are also used in open space, the exterior coating should be compatible with the restaurant design concept. With the S2000, you can choose from a wide range of options.

Standard: No coating material of this type is applied. You can cover according to your restaurant design.

Dome: This is like a standard coating. Only the upper side is dome shaped oval.

Mosaic: You are immediately chosen to place the restaurant without the need of any coating.

Napoli: Selected for different exterior surfaces. Oval look and can be covered with Mosaic. The design of the traditional Napoli dome is overflowed.

Step 3: Door

The oven door is selected between 54-82 cm according to the requirement. There are also options for furnace entry. In the standard model, the door stone paving style is 54 cm wide. Nera model is produced between 54 and 82 cm in desired size. It is still in stone-paving style. The Inox model is made of stainless steel. The Genova model is 82 cm by default and is ideal for large pizzas.

The 68 cm wide Design Inox and Design Nera door models complete the design in stainless and black colors. Finally, the Davanzalino model has a marble top.

Step 4: Fuel

For those who want to use a traditional oven, the best choice is the usual wood pizza oven. Gas pizza ovens which are much more comfortable to use in places where this is not possible are preferred. Combi ovens are the ideal solution for those who need both.

Step 5: Inner Width

The width of the oven is important in terms of adjusting how much pizza you can produce. In a 95 cm diameter pizza oven, 5-6 pizza can be cooked with a diameter of 30 cm. The furnace widths start from 95 cm to 160 cm. In different model families there are measures such as 100, 115,125,135,140 cm.

Step 6: Control Panel

Mam forni pizza ovens come with 3 different control panels. The simplest model that allows manual control is called "Easy Control Panel". The "Professional Control" panel is a control panel that allows you to adjust the rotation speed, rotation direction and degree of fire. The most modern panel is called Touch Screen Control Panel. It allows you to adjust all functions by touch.


No, you can produce the whole thing if you can cook in pizza ovens with wood ovens. Bread varieties, pide varieties ... each with high quality in your hand.

After determining the pizza oven features you need for your restaurant, you can supply the best oven with the best cost from S2000 Kitchen and Cooling with Italian experience and quality.