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Hotel Kitchen Installation

Hotel Kitchen Installation

Hotels strive to offer all experiences at the highest level for their customers. For this reason, every detail is carefully considered, from reception services to housekeeping, from comfort to entertainment. One of the issues that customers care about most is, of course, food and beverage quality. Today we will be talking about the back side of a hotel's food and beverage adventure. In fact, perhaps it would be more accurate to say that this is from the infrastructure of the business.
In fact, the issue we will talk about here is the part that concerns us. So how does an industrial kitchen company meet the kitchen needs of a hotel? Hotel kitchen setups can vary depending on the property's kitchen needs and budget. It is also shaped according to the menus to be offered. Due to their structure, hotels can have many different types of food and beverage stations. But in general, the following important factors should be taken into consideration:

1. Determination of Sections:

How many types of food and beverage stations will there be in the hotel kitchen project?
  • Presentations can be made in open buffet areas,
  • A cafe or patisserie style area can be created,
  • There may be an area where fast food products are offered.
  • There will be bar sections
  • There may be an a-la-cart restaurant area
All other stages will become clear after this step. All such areas must be planned correctly. So all projects can be drawn accurately.
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2. Kitchen Design:

Kitchen design, placement of kitchen equipment has a huge impact on work flow and efficiency. The kitchen should be divided into separate zones that include food preparation, cooking, serving and scullery areas. Generally, architectural firms design the kitchens of hotels. However, the point to consider here is this: How much experience does the architecture firm have in designing hotel kitchens?
If you work with an experienced architectural firm, basic problems generally do not occur. What you need to know is that no matter which architecture office you work with during the project drawing phase, you should get consultancy from an industrial kitchen company. The architect may not yet have knowledge about the layout of industrial and kitchen sections, and fundamental deficiencies may arise. We see layout errors in some of the projects we encounter, and we explain and revise certain parts of the project according to the way they should be.
We have examined other issues that may be required when setting up an industrial kitchen in this article: 6 Golden Rules in Turnkey Industrial Kitchen Projects

3. Equipment Selection:

Choosing quality kitchen equipment is important for long-term success. Ovens, refrigerators, freezers, ranges, dishwashers and other equipment should help you do your job efficiently. You need to purchase not only production and preparation equipment, but also a lot of different service equipment. Since the number of equipment in industrial kitchens is high, we will only be talking about quality selection here.
Chefs' preferences are also an important part of equipment selection in kitchens. This situation, which occurs especially in large machines, is shaped by the habits and experiences of the chefs. For example, a chef who has worked with Rational ovens should not be expected to work with another oven.
If there will be an area in the form of a cafe or patisserie, there will definitely be a cold display cabinet. Coffee machines and other hot beverage machines also need to be deducted.

4. Storage:

While food products that need to be kept cold are kept in cold rooms, they should be stored in industrial refrigerators closer to the personnel as the production processes approach. These cabinets can be upright refrigerators or countertop refrigerators. All storage areas should be tidy, clean and hygienic.

5. Security:

Safety measures such as fire safety, plans for emergencies and fire extinguishing equipment should be taken in the kitchen. Additionally, employees must be trained in safe food preparation and handling practices.

6. Energy and Water Efficiency:

Energy and water efficiency of equipment can reduce operating costs. Therefore, energy-efficient devices and water-saving fixtures should be preferred. This situation also has an important factor in the sustainability of the business. Maximum efficiency must be achieved with minimum costs.
It is necessary to give an important detail on this subject. Hobart FP-10B model, which is a Hobart Premax series dishwasher, washes 1 basket of dishes with only 1 liter of water consumption. This product, which is extremely stingy in its use of chemicals, becomes an economical product in the future.

7. Employee Training:

Kitchen staff need to be trained on food safety, cleanliness and hygiene. This helps you provide reliable and healthy food to your customers.

8. Financial Planning:

Hotel kitchen installations can be costly, so you should budget and financial plan carefully. As the sections, menu types and the capacity of the hotel increase, the variety and number of equipment also increases. Another important point in financial matters is payment options. You can also choose companies that offer you the most convenient payment options.
What is the cost of a hotel kitchen? As can be seen from many of the items we have explained above, there are many different criteria. It is impossible to say anything absolutely clear.

Companies Producing Hotel Kitchens

First of all, the experience of hotel kitchen companies is very important. Hotel managers can provide quality service to their customers by working with an experienced company. An experienced company can increase efficiency in the kitchen by providing the equipment and materials required for the hotel kitchen.
Another important factor is the services offered by the company. Hotel managers should carefully analyze what services hotel kitchen companies offer. While some companies only provide kitchen equipment and supplies, others also provide kitchen staff and offer a more comprehensive service to hotel managers.
In addition, hotel managers should also review the references of companies that make hotel kitchens. References include which hotels the company has previously served and the customer satisfaction feedback of these hotels. These feedbacks can give hotel managers an idea about how reliable the company is.
Finally, pricing is also very important for hotel managers. The prices of the services offered by the company should fit the hotel managers' budgets. However, just because the prices are low does not mean that the quality will be low. Therefore, hotel managers should evaluate pricing along with other factors.
Considering all these factors, hotel managers should be careful when choosing hotel kitchen companies. Working with the right company will increase customer satisfaction and contribute to the success of the hotel.
For a successful installation in hotel kitchens, these factors should be taken into consideration and you should choose the solutions that best suit your needs. It may also be helpful to seek help from professional kitchen design experts or consultants.