6 Golden Rules in Turnkey Industrial Kitchen Projects

6 Golden Rules in Turnkey Industrial Kitchen Projects

6 Golden Rules in Turnkey Industrial Kitchen Projects

While industrial kitchens such as restaurants, hotels, catering, private dining halls are being established, investors generally give jobs to a firm they trust in turn-key. There should be certain points that investors pay attention to when choosing these firms.

Contractors start the project drawing phase when they get the job. There is usually a settlement prepared by architectural firms. Here, one of the points to be considered when choosing an industrial kitchen firm immediately emerges in the first stage.

1- Magic touches to the project

The industrial kitchen contractor should not attempt to implement the project immediately. First of all, the restaurant or catering or whatever it is, should learn the menu to produce. According to this, they should identify the equipment, eliminate the unnecessary ones and add what they need. Again, the project must be organized in accordance with the conditions of electricity, water and ventilation.

The investor will use the kitchen and service area in his imagination and then put him into the project with his architectural firm. The deficiencies that may occur at this point should be determined by the kitchen firm and the investor and the architecture firm should be directed.

For those who have no projects, you should expect an experienced staff to draw a suitable and efficient project.

2- Is it a manufacturer?

In addition to the ready-made kitchen machines used in industrial kitchen projects, there are many tools and equipment such as kitchen benches, sinks, shelves and so on. In this regard, the manufacturer companies can produce solutions to your needs at more affordable prices. For example, if a 4-meter grill area is to be created, the company will produce it specifically for you.

3- Has an equipped team?

The kitchen project should be handled from the beginning, with a talented project manager. The equipment produced and supplied is assembled by an experienced team. In this process, if the team is experienced, it will finish the job in a short time and correctly. No room for surprises. This makes the investor fell comfortable.

4- Is there a technical support team?

Turnkey kitchen projects are a living process. Project drawing, manufacturing and installation of the kitchen opened after a period of time is expected to sit on the rail. There may be some problems in this process. Understanding additional parts, sections to be removed in the living kitchen is more easy. The chief asks the contractor to determine these needs. Will the contractor company send you a team whenever you need it?

After years, naturally, some products will need to be serviced or technical failures may occur. Even though there are alternatives, the contractor firm is the company that can give you the best service. Is there a team enough for this? Is there a widespread technical service network available?

5- Previously completed projects

One of the most important, or even harden, about the company is the substance references that need to be paid attention. Are there any turn-key industrial kitchen projects that they completed before? Which companies did he work with? They should be chosen after a good review.

Think that the project you want to open is a steakhouse. In this regard, it has completed dozens of steakhouse projects, it is preferable company involved in the project known to the world, not only Turkey. A company is preferable that has completed projects in various parts of the world and not in a certain position.

6- Are the projects alive?

Yes this firm may have completed many industrial kitchen projects. But are these projects alive? Does it work effectively? Are the project builders satisfied and are they working with the same company in their new branches? These questions are important questions that can lead you.

Here are examples for the S2000 Kitchen, has been working with companies for many years. For example, hundreds of Mado branches have S2000 signature. The companies in different categories such as Midpoint, Pelit, BTA and Özsüt preferred S2000 in their different branches.

One of the best examples is Nusret. Since its first opening in Etiler, Nusret preferred S2000 Kitchen quality at the kitchen equipment and display units. Today it has become a world brand and it has had the advantages of starting with a solid infrastructure.

We invite investors to work with S2000 Kitchen and Refrigeration, which best meets all of these 6 rules.