Highlights of Brema Ice Machines

Highlights of Brema Ice Machines

Highlights of Brema Ice Machines

Brema, Italian ice maker, is preferred in many countries with its world class products and also it is a preferred brand in Turkey. It is a company that can be referred as a leader and pioneer in ice machine. What are the features that make Brema stand out? Let us briefly discuss these issues.

Firstly, Brema is a brand that produces ice machines and ice bins. The ice types produced by ice machine models include ice cubes, ice flakes, fast ice and finger ice. In our country, mostly ice cubes, fast ice and snow ice models are preferred.

Basically, ice machines work as air and water cooled. Air-cooled models are a bit more costly and water-cooled models are more preferred.

General features

Brema has a rounded interior design that allows easy cleaning of machines. The products has automatic washing system and finished with stainless steel AISI 304 Scotch Briete. The products can be used even at a temperature of 43 degrees.


Brema uses the R290 refrigerant gas on ice machines. One of the principles that Brema moves is  Design for the Environment. The company, which wants a more ecological future, continues its diligent work on this subject. ROHS-approved products with low carbon dioxide emissions are indicative of efforts in this area.

Quality-Oriented Work

Each Brema machine has its own history. Control and record the processes that the machines are exposed during the production phase. To ensure the traceability of all installed components and the tests performed, the results are collected and entered into a single document. After a precise inspection, all machines leave their Brema plants with their own passports, allowing them to be monitored all over the world.


Ice Production For Every Need

Brema products have a machine for all kinds of ice. For example, considering the cube ice machines, there are machines from that can produce 19 kg per day up to 500 kg per day. For the ice flakes, there are products with a production capacity from 90 kilograms to 1000 kilograms.

These machines can produce solutions according to every need in hotels, restaurants, bars, disco, fast food, fisher markets, supermarkets, medical and industrial areas.

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