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Factory Kitchens

Factory Kitchens

S2000 also manufactures factory kitchens with its expert team in Industrial Kitchen. If you need factory kitchen, call us!

About Factory Kitchens

Our company specializes in producing industrial factory kitchens. It also designs, manufactures and installs industrial kitchens and cooling systems for businesses, catering companies, military establishments, restaurants, as well as businesses.

How should the factory kitchen be?

Factories should choose kitchen spaces according to the product they produce. First of all, it is very important to do this. Factory kitchens should be located as far away from manufacturing as possible in chemical manufacturing enterprises. Factories that do not have products that could be harmful to human health can install their kitchens anywhere. The kitchens should be fully organized and the equipments must be complete so that mass food production can be done in the factories. Equipment set-up is made specially in factories.

Factory kitchen equipment:

Meat preparation, vegetable preparation and dough preparation should be available on the counter. These sections include meat mincemeat, vegetable chopping, meat bone saw, vegetable crusher, dough kneading machine.
In addition, the cooking area is the most important place for the kitchens of these companies. The design of this department is very important for the use of hobs and giant pots. Soup and juicy meals are usually made here.
The dishwashing area should be equipped with boiler washing machines. Conveyor dishwashers should be preferred here. Very large companies are comfortable if they use a dishwasher.