Baristas's Choice: New Cimbali M26

Baristas's Choice: New Cimbali M26


The first brand that comes to mind about professional coffee machine is undoubtedly Cimbali. La Cimbali, the Italian coffee machine manufacturer, takes its place in all kinds of cafes, bars and hotels with the machines suitable for every need.

Cimbali Professional coffee maker prepares the most tastes of today's trend coffees. In doing so, it is able to be both fast and economic. Americano, Cafe Latte, Cappuccino, Aromatic Cappuccino, espresso and many other beverages are in Cimbali’s specialty.

The Cimbali M26 is the most modern example of a machine for making espresso-based coffees. Let's get to know this machine with extremely high results in price / performance.

La Cimbali M26 was produced as a very useful machine, offering a wide range of options. In addition to being a group of 2 or 3, the semi-automatic and full automatic options were added to the Tall Cup version to create a large family.

The business owner or barista, who will buy a coffee machine, must choose firstly between 2 or 3 groups of coffee makers according to the customer density. For many businesses, 2 groups of coffee machines are sufficient. 3 groups of models can be preferred where intensive coffee production is required.

Cimbali M26 Options

M26 C2, which is produced as a semi-automatic espresso machine, is the product where the dosing is provided by barista. The fully automatic M26 DT2 is automatic dosing according to the coffee model. This allows the baristas to make their own creative products.

The M26 model has 2 steam arms. The steam arm is used to froth the milk. While making cappuccino, the cold milk is foamed with steam. In the production of cafe latte, milk is heated with these arms and then some milk is made into foam and added to the top of the coffee. Two stainless steel multi-directional steam arms allow the barista to do their jobs as quickly as possible.

Thanks to the hot water tap, there is no need to use external equipment for the water needed. The coffee grinder should also be reminded. As this model does not have an internal grinder, an external grinder is required. The coffee to be used for the coffee varieties is taken from the grinder according to their weight and put into the spoon of the machine.

Cimbali M26 Specifications

The Cimbali M26 is a new product (as we mentioned in the title). Of course we can also see new technologies in this product. For example, the Thermo drive Light feature ensures that coffee is kept at constant temperature and has the same quality each time. This prevents the barista from making extra efforts. Thanks to the intelligent boiler with 10 liters capacity, steam balance is ensured with water in the boiler.

In the model, which is made easier by extending the steam wands lengths, the created light work area provides a more comfortable view. Thanks to the USB port, it is easy to install new updates of Cimbali.

For longer cups, tall cup version is available. The long cup model is optional and this should be mentioned when receiving a quotation. Cimbali M26 Tall Cup will be supplied by S2000 Kitchen as soon as possible.

In our age, where technological developments are applied to all machines, we recommend that companies in the coffee industry prefer products such as M 26 to capture the age. In addition to technology, you will be buying a model that does not compromise from giving a taste of traditional coffee.