S2000 Quality in Paris with MADO

S2000 Quality in Paris with MADO

S2000 Kitchen, one of the leading and distinguished companies of the industrial kitchen sector, carried its quality to Paris with a new Mado branch. Mado supplied the kitchen equipment and refrigerated display units from S2000 Kitchen for this new branch.

Mado, which has made Maraş ice cream a world brand, produced the taste of handmade ice cream in the factory environment after long R&D studies. Mado has always updated its hundreds of years of experience according to the latest innovations in technology. Mado, which is a pioneer in its sector in this regard, has managed to preserve the taste and consistency of handmade ice cream for many years.

The brand, which gained great appreciation from the people, continued to grow rapidly in Turkey. Reaching nearly 400 branches, Mado continues to grow steadily abroad as well. We see the latest example of this with its opening to France. They opened a branch in Paris, which we can call the capital of the world, right across the Hilton Hotel, very close to the biggest train station of Paris.

A very important step has been taken by opening a branch that can serve both the Turks living in Paris, the people of Paris and the tourists coming there from all over the world, and that will make them taste the quality and taste of Mado. According to the success of this branch, it is not difficult to foresee that we will see many more Mado branches in Europe.

Mado Refrigerated Display Units and Pastry Showcases

Mado prefers our S2000 Kitchen company for kitchen and cold display units in almost all branches in our country and abroad. We can say that Mado's trust in S2000 quality in this branch will not be wasted.

S2000 Kitchen adds prestige to Mado branches with its modern, stylish and functional cold display cabinets and pastry display cabinets. The display cabinets and cake cabinets, which are produced in full compliance with the determined design concept, also perfectly fulfill the ideal cooling function. It preserves the carefully prepared cold products in the freshest way by fulfilling the temperature levels set with the best accuracy and precision.

Mado Paris Industrial Kitchen Project

Mado Paris Mutfak

In the bar section of the Mado Paris branch, high-performance bar equipment supplied by S2000 Kitchen was used. Products such as Cimbali coffee machine and Bras oval juice dispenser took their place in the bar section.

The Mado Paris industrial kitchen project also has the S2000 signature. High-performance Neosystem cooking products, S2000 production vertical type commercial refrigerator, counter type refrigerator and pizza and salad preparation cabinet can be counted at first glance. Of course, the cold room, which is an important element of industrial kitchens, took its place with the experience of S2000.

S2000 Kitchen is a preferred brand in the industrial kitchen sector. The fact that chain restaurants such as Mado constantly prefer S2000 Kitchen in their new projects is a very important proof of this.