Bras Natural Juice Dispenser Turia 19
Bras Natural Juice Dispenser

Bras Natural Juice Dispenser Turia 19

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Bras Natural Juice Dispenser - Turia 19:

General Features:

  • TURIA line dispensers have been designed to cool and mix natural drinks like natural fruit juicesor, almond milk. 
  • They have a large, round transparent, shockproof, food grade polycarbonate bowl with 12 or 19 litre capacity. 
  • The paddle is designed to stir the beverage and prevent deposits or sidiment from forming. 
  • They have a stainless steel cabinet. 

Optional Features:

  • electric tempreture control

Technical Features: 

  • Dimension (w x h x d): 32x70x40 cm 
  • net weight: 20 kg
  • gross weight: 23 kg
  • Capacity: 19 L