Promotion Cabinet Phuket2000 S2000 Kitchen And Refrigeration
Promotion Cabinet

Promotion Cabinet Phuket2000

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PHUKET 2000 is fan assisted plug-in display case with rigid wheels for quick sale and circulation of the special products. With the help of its wheels, it can be easily moved and used for promotional goals. Polyure¬thane body is made the refrigeration part of the case isolated in best way. Transparent, tough division of the case is made of Plexiglas. This cabinet is controlled by an electronic digital control system and has also evapora¬tion vessel that evaporates the accumulated water inside the case

Dimensions: 110,8 * 109,6 * 95,5cm
Length varies up to your wishes: 142cm

Working Temperature: 4/6oC
Working Voltage - Frequency: 230V - 50/60 Hz.
Climate Class: 3
Power: 619 W
Total Display Area: 0,74m(for 110,8 cm length)
Total Display Area: 0,98m(for 142 cm length)