Cold Display Cabinet Barbuda2000
Cold Display Cabinet

Cold Display Cabinet Barbuda2000

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BARBUDA 2000 is designed ergonomically for convenience of meat and delicatessen products in small scale stores. The cooling system is placed under the body (motor, condenser etc...) and refrigerated storage is available. Cooling system works with high performance air-circulation system. Internal body is complete 40 kg/m3 density injection polyurethane. That offers wide opportunity of 4 levels of adjustable display basins.

Available Colors:
Samos 2000 MArket dolabı renk skalası

Dimensions: 125 * 97,6 * 121,7 cm
Length varies up to your wishes: 187,5cm or 250cm

Working Temperature: 0/6oC
Working Voltage - Frequency: 230V - 50/60 Hz.
Climate Class: 3
Power: 776 W
Total Display Area: 0,74 m(for 125 cm length)

Barbuda 2000 Market dolabı et teşhir dolabı profil