Dairy Cabinet Samos2000 S2000 Kitchen And Refrigeration
Dairy Cabinet

Dairy Cabinet Samos2000

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Ideal for displaying dairy products, packaged meat and fruit vegetables. Cooling unit (motor, fan, condenser etc..) is placed under the cabinet. Refrigerating system is air-circulated and puts forward hight performance. Whole body is 40 kg/m3 densitive injection polyurethane. That offers options of usage by adjustable block shelves. That saves energy with night blind. Multi-functional electronic panel deliveres comfort and easy to use. Protector PVC bumper on front panel

Available Colors:
Samos 2000 MArket dolabı renk skalası

Dimensions: 93,7 * 200 * 80cm
Length varies up to your wishes: 125cm, 187,5cm or 250cm

Working Temperature: 2/6oC
Working Voltage - Frequency: 230V - 50/60 Hz.
Climate Class: 3
Power: 972 W
Total Display Area: 1,61m(for 93,7cm length)
​Shelf Payload Capacity: 125 kg/metre

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