Plus Kitchen Vadistanbul Brunch Opened

Plus Kitchen Vadistanbul Brunch Opened

Plus Kitchen is a way of living, designed for those who love to eat healthy and delicious food, conceived and designed by a team, passionate about cooking, motivated by their amateur soul, inspired by the natural is way of living, nourished by various design movements, responsible for the environment. Plus Kitchen promises an authentic, inspirational experience.

When you enter in a Plus kitchen you will find yourself in the middle of naturalness and fluff. This simplicity is complemented by light meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Plus Kitchen preferred S2000 Kitchen and Refrigeration for display units. Especially supermarket cabinet and display showcase with modern design and functionallity, create the vision of Plus Kitchen.

In these designs where the showcase interior volume is widely used, personnel can easily use it by opening the sliding door from the top. LED lighting emphasize the food and adds a special touch.

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