Nusret Grand Bazaar Branch Opening With Quality of S2000

Nusret Grand Bazaar Branch Opening With Quality of S2000

Nusret, who redefines the concept of Steakhouse and is recognized by the world in the name of the saltbae, does not give up the S2000 quality since its first branch in Etiler. The industrial kitchen project of the newly opened Nusret Grand Bazaar Sandal Bedesten project was completed by S2000.

While Nusret continue to grow worldwide with the branches of Dubai and Miami, continue to grow as branch of Marmaris in Turkey, and this latest project with the Grand Bazaar are also continuing to grow. The Grand Bazaar is a great restaurant, well decorated and well beyond expectations. In the Grand Bazaar there are usually small shops, but it is necessary to say that Nusret is a special area.

Nusr-et Steakhouse, opened with a design suitable for the historical texture of the Grand Bazaar, is one step closer to those who want to taste delicacies, reaching wider masses.

In this project, Nusret also preferred the S2000 in industrial kitchen equipment, dry aged cabinet and meat display units. With the quality of the products produced and the special kitchen equipments, the equipments of world-class brands make sturdy, efficient, long-lasting and durable kitchens.

S2000 Kitchen completed the design by producing display units according to the desired design in this project. Producing not only stylish and modern, but also useful and functional products, the S2000 has created a positive kitchen and display space in every way.

The S2000 Kitchen will continue to be your first choice, with many years of experience in opening a restaurant or setting up a steakhouse kitchen and service area whatever your preference. The S2000 will continue to take its place in the firstly place when the best industrial kitchen companies are listed.