Hobart Pressure Steam Cookers are in Turkey by S2000

Hobart Pressure Steam Cookers are in Turkey by S2000

Hobart, expanding its product portfolio by moving into cooking , with the power of success on dishwashers and high technology, is becoming a preferred brand in Turkey. S2000 Kitchen, offers the best prices on Hobart Pressure steam cooker.

Pressure steam cookers perform cooking in a short time with the high pressure they provide. As these processes are carried out with a natural element of vapor pressure, the food's nutritional values, natural tastes and appearance are not impaired. According to these conditions a polite and healthy cooking is performed.

Hobart Pressure steam oven models 2228 GTP has 2 * ½ GN 138mm capacity while 305 GTP has 3*1/1 GN 65mm tray capacity. This model can also accommodate 1 * 1/1 GN 200m tray if desired.

3 Kg Rice is cooked in 9-10 min

Hobart Ovens, which cooks healthy, cooks 5 kg of frozen bean at 1 bar pressure for 2.5 minutes while 3 kg of rice is cooked at 9-10 minutes. This process is very efficient, consuming about 0.7 lt of water and consuming 0.25 for beans and 0.6 KW for rice. 8 Kg potatoes 8 min, 3 kg white cabbage 3 min and 2 kg sliced ​​carrots takes 2 minutes.

There are 3 cooking pressure process: Unpressurized cooking at 50 - 90oC, 0,5 bar pressure cooking at 110oC and 1 bar pressure cooking at 118oC. Cooker has features such as digital display for cooking chamber and temperature, remaining time indication, fault indication and automatic defrost.

Hobart ovens, which provide economical, environmentally friendly and safe cooking, are waiting for you to become the new assistant to the chefs.