Glass Washing Machines

NeoSystem Glass Washer - GW39

Drainage pump- 39*39cm basket dimensions- 2 Flat Racks and Cutlery Rack -Washing Cycles: 90/120/180 second -3 programmes- Dimensions - 436x535x670 mm - 3,5Kw

Hobart Glass-Washer - GCP-10B

Standard glass washer- Programme duration: 75/120 second and special programmes- washing temperature- 60°C - Rinse Temperature: 70°C- 40x40cm basket dimensions- 48 basket/hour capacity- 1008 glass/hour speed- Tank Capacity: 8 Lt.- Water Consumption: 1,9 Lt. – Dimensions: 46x59x70 cm - 4,7 KW

Hobart Glass-Washer - GXC-11A

Premium glass washer- Programme duration: 60/90/120 second and special programmes- washing temperature- 55°C - Rinse Temperature: 65°C- 50x50cm basket dimensions- 60 basket/hour capacity- 2180 glass/hour speed- Tank Capacity:10,6 Lt.- Water Consumption: 2 Lt. – Dimensions: 60x60x70 cm - 7,7 KW

Hobart Glass-Washer - GC-10B

Standard glass washer- Programme duration: 75/120 second and special programmes- washing temperature- 55°C - Rinse Temperature: 65°C- 40x40cm basket dimensions- 48 basket/hour capacity- 960 glass/hour speed- Tank Capacity: 8 Lt.- Water Consumption: 1,9 Lt. – Dimensions: 46x59x70 cm - 4,6 KW

Industrial Glass Washing Machines

With its 700 mm height, these industrial cup washing machines, which can easily fit even in the narrowest spaces, are small in size but large in performance, are specially designed to wash small plates and glasses effectively. The industrial glass washing machine significantly reduces the washing time compared to standard machines and offers a great convenience for places such as tea centres, tea gardens, cafes, cafes, restaurants, hotels and bars where glass usage is intense.
These machines stand out not only with their fast and efficient operation, but also with their features such as durability and energy efficiency. These products, also called industrial glass washing machines, are designed to meet the ever-changing needs of businesses by perfectly adapting to intense usage conditions. In this way, they provide maximum hygiene and performance in cleaning glasses and small kitchen utensils.
Unlike household dishwashers, industrial glass washing machines are designed especially for commercial places such as cafes, restaurants and hotels. These industrial cup washing machines can also be called as cup washing machine for coffee houses, cup washing machine for tea stove and special tea cup washing machine for tea cups. Industrial dishwashers are known for their heavy-duty construction and high efficiency. These machines not only clean glasses and small kitchen utensils, but also meet the requirements of commercial kitchens by adapting to busy workflows. Thanks to their fast and effective cleaning features, they save time and energy in places with intensive use of glasses.

How Do Glass Washing Machines Work?

Industrial glass washing machines with stainless steel washing and rinsing arms are both fast and effective with a minimum capacity of 750 and maximum 1800 glasses per hour. These industrial cup washers manage water and electricity consumption in a balanced and controlled manner, minimising costs and delivering impressive washing results. After washing, the tumbler washer dries the glasses and makes them ready for immediate use. In addition to excellent rinsing results, it also offers a cold water rinse option for cold glasses, enabling immediate reuse.
Glass washing machines can wash the glasses placed inside in short times such as 90, 120, or 180 seconds. The industrial dishwasher detergent and rinse aid used in these machines are automatically drawn through the detergent pump and rinse aid pump respectively. If there is a level difference of more than 40 cm between the drain of your glass washing machine and your waste water drain, a drain pump will be needed. In some cases, these machines can also be preferred as countertop cup washing machines, thus saving space and offering ease of access.

Differences between Industrial Glass Washing Machines and Normal Machines

  • Industrial glass washing machines usually have a high capacity. They can wash from 750 to 1800 glasses per hour, making them ideal for busy businesses such as large restaurants, cafes and bars.
  • These machines are designed for continuous and heavy use. They are manufactured using high quality materials such as stainless steel, so they can withstand long periods and harsh working conditions.
  • Industrial cup washers are designed to use water and energy more efficiently. This helps businesses reduce operating costs in the long run.
  • These machines offer much faster wash times than normal machines. They can clean a high number of glasses in very short times (for example, 90-180 seconds).
  • Industrial glass washing machines usually have the ability to dry the glasses quickly after washing, which ensures that the glasses are ready for reuse immediately.
  • Cup washing machines, which are classified as industrial dishwashers, offer different washing modes and temperature settings. Some models may have extra features such as cold water rinsing, which makes it possible to reuse the glasses immediately.
  • Industrial cup washers include integrated pumps for automatically dosing detergent and rinse aid, which provides ease of use and optimises chemical usage.
  • Industrial machines usually offer various mounting options such as built-in or countertop, so businesses can choose the solution that best suits their space.

Industrial Cup Washing Machine Brands

As S2000 Industrial Kitchen and Refrigeration Systems, we are proud to offer you, our valued customers, the high quality German brand Hobart and Neosystem industrial glass washing machines at the most affordable prices. These cup washing machines are ideal for increasing efficiency in your kitchens and speeding up your operations.
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