Fast Food Equipments Page 3

What is Fast Food Equipment?

Fast food equipment includes various tools and equipment used for fast service restaurants to operate efficiently and hygienically. This equipment is used in the processes of preparing, cooking, heating and serving food. 
Equipment such as waffle makers, crepe makers, toasters and toasters can be part of the food preparation process as well as part of the cooking process. This equipment, which is mostly used for hot service, covers foods that can be cooked or ready to eat in a short time. For example, induction cooker, wok cooker, doner machine (gyros grill) and patato baker machine are also used to keep the food warm or to perform heating processes while cooking.

Which Businesses Use Fast Food Equipment?

Fast food equipment is used by various types of food and beverage businesses. These equipment may be needed not only in fast food service businesses but also in all business models that offer food and beverages.
  • Fast Food Restaurants:
    • Burger Chains
    • Chicken Restaurants
    • Pizza Restaurants
    • Sandwich Shops
  • Cafes and Coffee Shops
  • Ice Cream and Dessert Shops
  • Self Service Restaurants: Places where customers buy and prepare their own food.
  • Quick Service Chain Restaurants
  • Food Trucks and Street Vendors: Food trucks selling food on the street or providing mobile services.
  • Cinemas and Amusement Venues: Cinemas and amusement parks using popcorn machines, nacho warmers and similar equipment.
  • Hotels and Resorts: Large hotels and resorts with quick service restaurant sections.
  • Hospitals and School Canteens: Canteens that provide quick food service to students or hospital staff.
  • Shopping Centre Food Courts: Food courts offering a variety of fast food options.
  • Buffets
These businesses use fast food equipment to meet customer demands quickly and efficiently. The equipment used may differ according to the type of business, but all of them prefer this type of equipment to speed up food and beverage service and increase customer satisfaction.

What to Consider When Buying FastFood Equipment?

Here are 2 important points to consider when buying fast food equipment:
  • Is there really a need for equipment?
  • Will the product capacity be able to meet customer needs?
We should determine very well what we want to sell or offer in a newly opened buffet. We should determine the food and beverages that can or cannot be sold by analysing the environmental conditions, customer potential and target audience. For example, we may not want to buy a doner cooker. There are many factors affecting this. The fact that there are already many businesses selling doner around may cause this. In short, the point we want to mention here is that we should supply equipment according to the products we will sell. It should not be resorted to purchasing all the equipment that exists in businesses in different locations or situations.
Product capacity is also a very important issue. Again, if we go from the example of a doner hob, we can say the following: What is the size of the rotary to be installed? We should choose a suitable rotary cooker. If the potential to sell out is very high, a higher size doner hob should be preferred. Of course, in the food business, the most crowded day we can always serve should be taken as a reference. We should determine according to the maximum service to be offered in daily life, not extraordinary events.