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Baykar Factory Kitchen

  • Baykar Factory Kitchen
Baykar Technologies has become one of the prominent organizations of the defense industry with the highly technological and effective UAVs and Armed Drones it has developed. Baykar, which has succeeded in making its name known to large masses not only in our country but also abroad, manages to attract people's attention with its new products.
The kitchen project of Baykar's factory located in Istanbul's Esenyurt district was carried out by S2000 Kitchen and Refrigeration Systems. The production and service lines of the factory, where around 2500 personnel ate, were equipped with S2000 quality. While providing a modern look in the self-service line, cold, neutral and warm areas were organized according to the needs.
Industrial kitchen equipment and stainless steel kitchen components in the main kitchen were also preferred as S2000 production. Thus, S2000 Kitchen transferred its 35 years of experience to Baykar in order to establish an efficient industrial kitchen.