Zanolli Electric Pastry-Bread-Pizza Ovens T POLIS PW3/MC 30
Zanolli Electric Pastry-Bread-Pizza Ovens

Zanolli Electric Pastry-Bread-Pizza Ovens T POLIS PW3/MC 30

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Zanolli Electric Modular Bread-Pastry-Pizza Oven T POLIS PW3/MC 30:

Zanolli manufactures the world's best ovens and equipment for pizza ovens. Zanolli components combine with the most modern automation and high quality. It is the pioneer of modular pizza ovens which can be fully controlled and maintained the desired temperature.

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Zanolli POLIS Modular Ovens:

Zanolli (Italy) is the inventor and manufacturer of bread, pizza and confectionery modular ovens. The unique ability of this equipment is to cook a wide range of foods at the same time with high quality materials and consume minimum electricity.

Zanolli Teorema Police modular pizza ovens are suitable for use in bakeries, patisseries, fast food, restaurants and cafes. Modular sections can be completed with 2-3-4 layers.
Tray Layout:
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One of the main advantages of having a modular structure to get the best performance for your workplace. Reinforced stainless steel heating elements combined with excellent automation to reduce high energy consumption and minimize heat loss. Through large glass with a thermally insulated door, you won't have any trouble when loading and cooking your foods. In addition, Modular electric pizza ovens with Zanol are preferred with steam generator option.

Moduler Oven Residential Plan:

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  • Dual probe for temperature measurement in a separate upper and lower chamber,
  • The possibility of a daily or weekly programming (20 programs),
  • Preheat oven function in slow or fast mode,
  • Cleaning automatically to allow a sterilization chamber at T = 400 ° C for 1 hr;
  • Digital control panel;
  • The door is made of a window glass ceramic,
  • Camera height 18 cm or 30 cm
  • Control panel with 20 programs + 2 functions (preheating and automatic cleaning):
  • Daily and weekly programming (20 programs),
  • Independent electronic adjustment of the upper and lower heating elements
  • Electronic temperature setting,
  • Electronic regulation of steam production.
  • Report on auto-diagnosis display;
  • Preheating chamber function,
  • Automatic cleaning function of the room