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S2000 Pastry Showcase

S2000 Pastry Showcase MHC-NTV

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Cake Cabinet - Movable Curved Front Glass - Marble Work Back Surface - Stainless Steel - Refrigerated - Refrigerated Tank - Size: 100x110x135 cm. - 1,83 m3
Patisserie cabinet is produced in any size. Glass types can be in straight or curved models. Covers can also be designed according to your request. Please write down the dimensions and specifications in your message in order to send you a more exact price.
S2000 has become a brand for cake cabinets. All parts are selected from the highest quality products. If you want to have a cake cabinet that will serve you for many years,  S2000 Kitchen is the best choice.
The selection of the best brands in Turkey is S2000 kitchen and Refrigeration. Pelite cake cabinets are S2000 production. Manolya patisserie cake cabinets are also S2000 production. Hundreds of references such as Özsüt, Sütiş, Mado, Saray Muhallebicisi, Murat Muhallebicisi, Gloria Jeans and Caffee Nero are guarantee of our quality.