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S2000 Dry Aging Fridge

S2000 Dry Aging Fridge SDRY-1

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Dry Aged Fridge SDRY-D Cabinet

Producing of the Dry Aged method was started first in America which is consisting quality of beef meat and holding of self-bone in humidity air (80-86), temperature controlled(0), and in duration 21- 28 days. With this method, the meat becomes soft, that also provides a more aromatic smell. Turkish gastronomy is showing a great improvement in recent years, also began to prefer meat marinated with Dry Aged method. S2000 is one of the industrial leading companies in Turkey.  Dry Aging fridges which are especially developed solution partner for famous Steakhouse restaurants in Turkey now. S2000 is being mounted kitchen projects  and also Dry Aged cabinets at the same time for well-known meat restaurants such as Butcha, Nusr-et and Özgür Şef  Dry Aged cabinets , that has been started production as a pioneer on this industrial field since 7 years before in Turkey. 


The most important feature of dry aged fridges is that they do not allow bacterial growth on dry meat while maintaining the flavor Indeed, in these cabinets are usually intended 28 days during that time, the collagen breaks down, causing all the water in the meat to evaporate which then takes less time to cook. For this reason, preservation of meat degree is important. Meat keeps into dry air in these cabinets at 0 - +2 degree. As you know "Aging" word for all of us means lifetime. In one sense these cabinets are aging meat collagen structure is which loosened. For this process of dry resting, the phrase dry aging is used such as aging dry.


S2000 is able to produce Dry Aging fridges with any dimensions and request you want.


We produce dry aging fridges not just for Turkey, we also produce worldwide

General features:

Size: 70 x 80 x 205  cm  (length x depth x height)

Model: Upright Glass Single Door

Interior Design: 4 Tiers Stainless Wire Shelf

Cooling by Fan