Pizza and Salad Preparation Cabinet

S2000 Pizza and Salad preparation make up unit - PSH-3-NTV

Stainless steel table top-Operating temperature: 0°C/+5°C-Ventilated cooling- for GN ¼  cooled ingredient containers w/3 doors- Stainless steel, dimensions: 188x70x85cm- ventilated cooling-0.58 KW

S2000 Pizza and Salad preparation make up unit for industrial kitchens 

Pizza and salad preparation cabinets are the most used equipment in industrial kitchens. Nowadays, due to the increased consumption of salads, business owners are starting to offer more salads. The salad, which consist of small and different pieces, must be kept in very different cuvettes. Pizza ingredients, like salad ingredients, need to be kept in small pieces and in order. The stylish model produced in Italy for the S2000 is compatible with GN 1/4 baths and is covered with cooled material. The 3-door cupboard at the bottom facilitates in-kitchen transportation as it is suitable for storing pizza items and salad items.