Neosystem Deep Freezer / Refrigerator Top Door CS6600
Neosystem Deep Freezer / Refrigerator Top Door

Neosystem Deep Freezer / Refrigerator Top Door CS6600

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Volume (Gross / Net) 572 lt / 561 lt
SN-T climate class
(+4 / -24 ° C) Dual-mode feature that allows both cooler and freezer operation
Quick freeze feature
PVC coated block cover
Interior lighting
2 pcs wire basket
Ergonomic aluminum handle
Special feet for easy movement
Reduces unnecessary energy consumption thanks to the shutdown function
Product net dimensions: 177,5 * 76,5 * 84 cm (W * D * H)
Fast freezing technology that protects your food's nutritional value!
All the flavors you love are always at your fingertips. Neosystem CS6600 Deep Freezer / Refrigerator with 561 lt net volume, is an electronic thermostat that provides fast freezing and preserves the nutritional value of your food and keeps it fresh for a longer time.
Only one push-button refrigerator, freezer!
With the Dual Function feature that allows you to do the cooling and freezing with the same key, your food will always remain delicious and fresh. You will also enjoy this freshness during 4 seasons
Thick Body Insulation
Thanks to Thick Body Insulation; The cold air in the product is protected regardless of the outside temperature. In this way, your deep freezer works with high energy consumption and high efficiency.
In all Climatic Conditions, Maximum Performance is Only in Neosystem!
All of Simfer's freezers; SubNormal, Normal, SubTropical and Tropical climate classes are combined with the SN-T Climate Class. This means that you get maximum performance at all outdoor temperatures between 10C-43.
Stepped Cover
For ergonomic loading, it is comfortable to use thanks to the top cover feature that can remain open in different positions.
Wire Basket For Practical Use
The wire basket of your deep-freezer allows you to reach your favorite food more easily, allowing you to enjoy more use.
Led Lighting Technology
The special Led lighting product on the cover allows you to see your food more clearly as well as more efficient lighting.
Partition Rack for Practical Use
Thanks to the intermediate compartment of your freezer, it is now easier to separate your favorite food.
Cover Lock
The lockable cover ensures the freshness of both your frozen food and the safety of your young children.
Fast Freezing Precision Electronic Thermostat
Since your deep freezer is used all year long, the most important factor is the low energy consumption. A precise and stable temperature setting is essential for this. The electronic thermostat keeps the internal temperature in balance. This ensures high efficiency and energy savings.