Napoli Rotating Wood+Gas Pizza Oven NR1C115
Napoli Rotating Wood+Gas Pizza Oven

Napoli Rotating Wood+Gas Pizza Oven NR1C115

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115cm interior width and can cook 7-8 pizzas at the same time. Door Width: 54 / 68 cm. Weight:1700 Kg. Dimensions: 174x187x220 cm - Power Consumption: 0,36 KW - 220V - Professional Control Panel


Ovens, combined with the unique shape of traditional Naples models,ensures an excellent performance.
Customizable with different types of mosaics, logos and lettering. According to tradition, pizza is baked exclusively in wood-fired or gas ovens where a firing temperature of 300 to 400° C is reached, which is essential to get a perfect pizza.
Thanks to its accurate design, the one-door NAPLES rotating oven enables an extended use of the oven at a very low management cost. The single mouth helps reducing consumption.
The rotating plate is composed of 3 layers of different materials: 2 thermal insulating layers and a 12 cm thick rotating baking top.