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When you want to get a good espresso machine, you know that the best espresso machine in the world is La Cimbali. Actually the most important thing before the espresso machine is the god you use. How fresh and beautiful the aroma of the corn will be so beautiful in the cabbage. You should absolutely get roasted seed coffee and you should do coffee grinding thanks to coffee grinders. Do not forget that the ground coffee starts to lose its flavor and smell as long as you wait.

How Espresso Machine Works:

We put it into the espresso machine which is standing in front of the espresso coffee cup and put it into the coffee bowl which is called "spoon". Do not forget you need 8 ounces of coffee for a cup of coffee. This spoon functions as a filter at the same time. The coffee in the spoon, which is placed in the espresso machine, starts to fill the cup with the water at a temperature of 95 degrees starts to drain at a pressure of 15 bar. In the espresso machine, the reservoir where the water is stored is called the boiler. The greater the capacity of the boiler, the greater the amount of hot water and thus the number of cups you will serve will increase. If the capacity of the boiler is small, you may have to wait for the water to warm up. If the light or warning that is ready in the moral spoon is ready and the water is ready, you will be expected to press your button. When you press the button, the pressure system, which is the most important feature of the espresso machine, will enter the circuit. The water where the water is located will be subjected to a pressure of 15 bar by a pump which will start to flow into the cup by drawing the flavor and aroma of the cabbage inside the bowl into the air.

Espresso Machine Types:

As the S2000 industrial kitchen and refrigeration systems, we are importing the world's best espresso machine, La Cimbali. When taking an espresso machine, you should pay attention to the number of groups (number of spoons), how many liters of boiler capacity, how many bars you have, and whether you have an integrated coffee grinder. Because they are all factors that affect prices. Below you can see all our La Dumbbell espresso machines in our stocks and request an offer.