Industrial Refrigerators Page 2

S2000 Upright Double Door Refrigerator - 1100-2K-NT-V - 142x70x205 cm

Double door refrigerator- operating temperature: -2°C / +8° C-  Ventilated cooling. Dimension: 142x70x205 cm.- 1200 Lt. - 1 KW - 140 Kg. - 1.40 m3

S2000 Upright Single Door Refrigerator - 650-1K-NT-V - 71x80x205 cm

Single door refrigerator- Operating temperature:  -2°C / +8° C - Ventilated cooling- Dimension:  71x80x205 cm. - 700 Lt. - 1 KW - 209 Kg. - 2.48 m3

S2000 Upright Double Door Refrigerator - 1400-2K-NT-V - 142x80x205 cm

Double Door Refrigerator- Operating Temperature: -2°C / +8° C - Ventilated Cooling - Dimension: 142x80x205 cm. -  1400 Lt. - 1 KW - 220 Kg. - 2.8 m3

S2000 Upright Four Door GN Model Refrigerator - 2000-4K-NT-V - 200x80x205 cm

Refrigerator w/4 doors- Styropor insulated- operating temperature -2°C / +8° C- Ventilated cooling- classic type- Stainless steel finish- 12 enamel painted wire shelves, -2000 lt. Dimensions: 200x80x205 cm-0.8 KW-300 KG- 3.4 m3

S2000 Upright Single Door Refrigerator With Glass Door - 500-1KC-NTV - 72x70x205 cm

Upright Type Single Door Cold Cabin operating temperature -2°C / +8° C-  Ventilated Cooling- 8 runners- 4 Enamel Painted Wire Shelves- Dimension:72x70x205 cm - 500 Lt.- 0.46 KW - 1.24 m3

S2000 Bar Type Refrigerator - 200 TN

S2000 bar-type cold cabinet ( refrigerator) 200 T-operation temperature:+2°C/+8°C-dimentions:60x63x83cm.-170W- 38 Kg.

With more than 30 years of experience in refrigeration systems, S2000 Kitchen, the leader in the field of industrial refrigerators, offers the necessary models for anyone who wants to build an industrial kitchen. Counter refrigeration cupboards used in restaurant kitchens can be selected according to the needs, from 2 doors to 4 doors or 2 drawers to 4 drawers. Neosystem countertops are widely used in hotel kitchens. They are polyurethane insulated.
Among bench type cooler models, products that need to be kept cold are stored in professional kitchens. Moreover, since the top is used as a countertop, it is quite easy to reach the products on hand.
Vertical cooler models can be used when counter model is not enough. This model is used like a refrigerator. Neosystem In vertical type refrigerator models Polyurethane without CFC for insulation is injected with high pressure. Upright type refrigerated cabinets have single door, two door, 4 door and glass door models. In addition, under counter refrigerators appeal to the needs of many businesses.
These models also have uses such as restaurant-type refrigerators and restaurant-type refrigerators. S2000 Kitchen is Turkey's largest producer of industrial refrigerators and exports to European and Gulf countries. Turkey's highest quality refrigerant manufacturer is S2000 Kitchen Cooling.