Hobart Meat Mincing Machine 4822
Hobart Meat Mincing Machine

Hobart Meat Mincing Machine 4822

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Capacity (4.5 mm plate): 7.3 kg/min
1.5 H.P. motor
Stainless steel housing
Motor overload protection and no-volt-release
Shrouded start button and mushroom type stop button
137 mm feed
Dimenisons: 32,5*76*59 cm
Power: 1,1 KW
Net Weight: 65 Kg
The housing and the large rectangular gastronorm feed pan are made of stainless steel. An attractive stainless steel trim plate is provided at the attachment opening. The protective type chopping end is heavily tinned. With the spiral-fluted chopping ends the mincers provide finest and cleanest cutting action coupled with high capacity.
The motor is featured with overload protection and no-volt-release. Its ventilation is provided through screened openings in the base of the machine assuring cool operation. With the HOBART #12 chopping end the operator is excellent protected while working
The HOBART meat choppers are ideal for “on demand” processing of fresh, boned meat or tender croquettes. They can be feed at a rapid pace with continuous chopping action and no crushing or mashing of the meat. The heat-treated steel stay-sharp knife ensures that the meat comes out clean cut with all its natural colour and flavour.
All parts which contact food, including cylinder, worm, knife, plate, adjusting wheel and feed pan are easily accessible and readily removable for convenient cleaning without the use of tools. The polished stainless steel legs are cushioned on the bottom with resilient neoprene rubber and provide clearance to keep the table clean under the chopping unit.