Hobart Dishwasher FX-10B S2000 Kitchen And Refrigeration
Hobart Dishwasher

Hobart Dishwasher FX-10B

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Wash cycles 90/180/300 seconds and special programmes (when connected 400Volt)- Wash cycles 140/180/360 seconds and special programmes (when connected 230 Volt)

400 Volt performances:40 baskets/hour, 720 plates/hour, 1440 glasses/hour

230 Volt performances: 25 baskets/hour, 450 plates/hour, 900 glasses/hour

Tank capacity: 10,6lt. Water consumption: 2lt/basket-50x50 cm basket dimensions.

Basket forcutlery w/4 boxes, Plate rack, Universal basket - Dimensions: 60x60x82 cm - 7,7 kW