GrindMaster Filter Coffee Machine PBC-1W
GrindMaster Filter Coffee Machine

GrindMaster Filter Coffee Machine PBC-1W

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• Single digital model brew into 5.7 lt. warmer Shuttle.
• Brews to the Golden Cup Standard as defined by the Specialty Coffee Association for the highest quality brew possible.
• Digitally controlled with PrecisionBrew Technology.
• Three independent brew volumes let you be prepared for a busy morningrush and eliminate waste during slower sales periods.
• 12.1L heating tank per brew head.
• Advanced touchscreen digital interface simplifies and streamlines brewing and operation.
• Eliminate the need for troubleshooting and unnecessary service calls with the self-diagnostics alerts on the touch display.
• Minimal training with icon-driven programming.
• Shuttle sensors prevent brewing when server is not in place or is not aligned properly, and the brew basket is locked into place and cannot be removed before the completion of a brew cycle.
Dimensions: 77 * 23 * 50 cm
Shipment Weight: 22,7 Kg
Power: 240 V - 7 KW