Dough Kneading Machine MAG60 S2000 Kitchen And Refrigeration
Dough Kneading Machine

Dough Kneading Machine MAG60

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MAG60 Dough Kneading Machine:

By simultaneously turning the bowl and the spiral mixer in one direction, it mixes the ingredients homogeneously. The mechanical strength of the spiral can also provide a very hard paste mixture at low speed (with a low water content). All models are available in two speeds. The second speed stage facilitates operation with the slurries. With the MAG series, you can mix up to 40 kg to 200 kg of dough.

Domino MAG 60 Dough Kneader Technical Features:

  • Structure of painted steel fitted on wheels
  • Fixed bowl
  • Two motors (one for the bowl and one for the spiral)
  • Bowl and spiral of inox steel
  • Central column
  • Moving parts mounted on ball bearings
  • Dough capacity 60 kg,
  • Flour capacity minimum 3 kg - maximum 36 kg.
  • Bowl capacity : 81 liters.
  • Bowl dimensions: 55 cm in diameter, 34 cm in height.
  • Machine dimensions: 59x100x110 cm.
  • Weight: 250 kg.
  • 2 speed stages.
  • Power: 1,5 KW - 2,5 KW.