Desktop Automatic Slicer VS12 D
Desktop Automatic Slicer

Desktop Automatic Slicer VS12 D

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• Full Automatic, 330 mm. knife diameter slicer.
• Suitable for slicing salami, sausage, cheddar, ham and bacon.
• Variable slicing speed according to product size.
• 400 mm. The product table moves automatically back and forth.
• Sliced products can be automatically tiled or overlaid.
• Runs at 30-55 slices per minute.
• Slice thickness adjustment is done manually.
• User friendly thanks to the easy-to-use keypad.
• Easy and safe cleaning is possible.
• The blade does not go through the cleaning process until it is closed.
• Own original grinding wheel and stones available.
• CE approved, European Standard.
• Design award.
• For desktop use.