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What are Industrial Cookers?

Cookers used in industrial kitchens are professional equipment designed for efficient and fast operation of large-scale food production and service businesses. This category includes machines with functions such as cooking, frying, boiling and boiling.
Cookers are one of the important equipment groups that make the products produced by chefs in industrial kitchens with their skills beautiful. The most important features that ensure the quality of the cookers are stability. It must offer fire or temperature to the extent set. In short, it must burn stably to the set extent. Thus, cooking processes are realised exactly as desired.
Cookers that offer unstable fire and temperature values create cooking effects at different times. This situation may cause some dishes to cook in 20 minutes one day, 23 minutes the next day, and 18 minutes another time. The same applies to frying and boiling. When appliances that offer more efficient temperatures cause food to cook or fry faster, burning can occur and the product is wasted. If cooking takes longer, this time the kitchen timing plan will be disrupted.

Industrial Cooker Types

Cooking equipment used in industrial kitchens can be categorised as follows.
  • Industrial Cookers
    • Electric Cookers
    • Ceramic Glass Surface Cookers
    • Open Fire Furnaces
  • Industrial Type Ranges
    • Electric Rangehood (Oven Rangehood)
    • Open Fire Rangehood
  • Industrial Fryers
    • Deep Fryers: For deep frying of foods such as French fries and nuggets.
    • Pressure Fryers: Fryers that cook using pressure for faster frying.
  • Grills (Grill)
    • Flat-top Grill: For cooking foods such as burger patties, chicken, vegetables.
    • Charcoal Grills: Grills that give the flavour of traditional charcoal cooking.
    • Gas Grills: Gas grills for fast and controlled cooking.
  • Boiling Pasta
  • Tilting Pan
  • Sauce Ben Mari
  • Resting Potato

Which Businesses Use Industrial Cookers?

Cooking appliances such as ovens, ranges, hobs and fryers are used by various types of food and beverage businesses. These devices are indispensable for large-scale food production and service businesses to operate efficiently and quickly. Here are the main types of businesses that use these cooking appliances:
1. Restaurants:
- Traditional Restaurants: Restaurants that offer extensive menus and use a variety of cooking techniques.
- Fast Food Restaurants: Fast service restaurants such as McDonald's and Burger King use deep fryers and cookers extensively.
- Fine Dining Restaurants: Restaurants that serve high quality food and use specialised cooking techniques.
2. Hotels:
- The restaurant and kitchen departments of hotels use these devices to offer a wide range of dishes to their guests.
3. Cafes and Patisseries:
- Cafés: They use hobs, ovens and fryers to prepare breakfast, sandwiches, cakes and other foods.
- Patisseries: Ovens and hobs are used for baking bread, cakes, pastries, cakes and other bakery products.
4. Catering Companies:
- Companies that prepare food for large events, weddings, company dinners and similar organisations.
5. Canteens:
- School Canteens: Schools that serve daily meals for students.
- Hospital Canteens: Hospitals that prepare meals for patients and staff.
- Factory and Business Canteens: Large businesses that provide catering for employees.
6. Shopping Centre Food Courts:
- Businesses that offer a variety of fast food options.
7. Food Trucks and Street Vendors:
- Food trucks and street vendors that serve food on a mobile basis.
8. Buffets:
- Small businesses that offer quick service and a variety of food options.
9. Pizzerias:
- Shops that prepare and cook pizza, especially using pizza ovens.
10. Asian Cuisine Restaurants:
- Restaurants serving Asian cuisine dishes using wok cookers and specialised cooking techniques.
11. Bars and Pubs:
- Bars and pubs serving snacks and some meals.
12. Amusement Parks and Cinemas:
- Amusement parks and cinema kiosks offering snacks and fast food to visitors.

What to Consider When Choosing a Cooker?

Industrial cookers are usually collected in the same area. Hot, cold and neutral areas must be separated from each other. This issue is evaluated according to the size of the kitchen area. In large enough kitchens, cooking areas are located in the middle and take the form of an island. One of the most preferred methods is to line the cooking appliances on one wall. On the opposite side are the cold and neutral areas, where pre-cooking preparation work is carried out.
The points to be considered when choosing cooking appliances are as follows. The menu offered, i.e. the dishes to be produced in the kitchen, the amount of food to be produced, the quality and technical support of the product and energy efficiency.
If there is no frying product in the kitchen, there is no need to buy a fryer. If grilling is to be done, a large plate grill should be preferred according to its quantity. If an open fire industrial cooker is preferred, a 4-burner open fire cooker or a 2-burner cooker can be preferred. It is very important to determine these criteria before purchasing. S2000 Kitchen has great experience in producing and installing industrial kitchens for many years. In this way, it can also provide you with an efficient industrial kitchen consultancy service during the installation phase.