Cimbali Super Automatic Coffee Machine Q10 CS11 MILKPS
Cimbali Super Automatic Coffee Machine

Cimbali Super Automatic Coffee Machine Q10 CS11 MILKPS

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Super Automatic Espresso Coffee Machine:

Q10 is the compact super-automatic machine that is easy to use and versatile. It is available in the only-coffee, cappuccino (MilkPS) and solubles (C&S) versions all featuring either the push-button panel or the touch screen.Patented HiQB coffee group characterised by a variable chamber to ensure optimal extraction of any kind of beverage. 

  • One hot water & coffee boiler.
  • One steam boiler equipped with the Smart Boiler system. Delivery spout equipped with an ergonomic handle for easy height adjustment. 
  • MilkPS system which allows preparing cappuccinos and other fresh milk based drinks automatically.
  • Automatic washing cycles during working hours led by clear and intuitive interactive messages on the display.
  • Large coffee grounds drawer capable of holding more than 40 double coffee tablets.
  • Modular system.
  • Optional: Touch Screen, second grinder doser

The group is easy to replace. The innovative pre-infusion system guarantees the optimal exploitation of the coffee cake and allows a gentle and controlled infusion that improves the in-thecup quality. Furthermore, a constant compression on the coffee cake is ensured. The coffee group is characterised by a variable chamber to ensure an optimal preparation of any kind of beverage, even the double one.

Thecvical Features:

  • Electric : 220V
  • Power: 2-2,3 kW
  • Diomension: 350x630x670 
  • Weight:48 kg