Brema Pebbles Ice Machine TB1405
Brema Pebbles Ice Machine

Brema Pebbles Ice Machine TB1405

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Ices produced by Brema TB1405 Pebbles ice machine has a wide range of applications, with its special shape between cube and granule ice and its long-lasting structure. Brema TB 1405, which can produce 140 Kg of ice per day, offers the possibility of storing produced ice with its 50 kg internal storage area.

Production in 24h: 140 kg
Bin capacity, up to: 50 kg
Cooling system: Water
Refrigerant: R404A - R452A
Standard voltage: 220-240 V~ 50 Hz
Electrical consumption: 650 W
Fuse: 10 A
Water consumption: A 1 - W 6,4
Sizes [WxDxH] : 738 x 690 x 1020 mm
Sizes with packing [WxDxH]: 780 x 735 x 1185 mm
Feet: 110-150 mm
Weight [net/gross]: 94 / 105 kg
Finishing: 18/8 stainless steel, scotch brite