Bench Planetary Mixer SM7 S2000 Kitchen And Refrigeration
Bench Planetary Mixer

Bench Planetary Mixer SM7

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Domino SM7 Set Mixer Features: 
There are 4 different models of this machine. These kitchen tools perform a planetary rotation and revolution, turning around a point and around its axis. This movement makes it possible to obtain a homogeneous mixture of materials in the container. They are used in large kitchens, but also in sweet and confectionery industry. It is a robust and quiet machine which is made of painted steel. I t has also ABS protection and electronic variable speed which Complied with European Union standards. The boiler capacity is 6.8 liters.
General features:
  • Dimensions: 23 x 40 x 42 cm (length x depth x height)
  • Boiler Capacity: 6.8 Lt.
  • Power: 500 W
  • Weight: 17 Kg.